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You're panting as you bound off the cold foliage of the forest terrain.

You knew you were being chased. But, you didn't expect this.

Your chest throbs, a swift gash accumulating blood.

What you hadn't known, was that you were trespassing in highly secured territory. LilacClan territory.

"You are not welcome here," a strikingly sharp shecat's voice echoed. You couldn't tell from which direction.

"I-I'm sorry.. I didn't kn--" You're cut off as a sleek tomcat pins you to the ground.

You squirm, but are unable to move. He stares you directly in the eye, and latches onto your shoulder.

You yowl and attempt to push him off. You are successful, you realize, as he skidded back a few paces.

The tomcat fights back intensely, as you and him battle, only to stop after hearing a yowl from the she-cat standing a few mouse-leaps away.

"Well done..." She hissed at you. "You have potential. Follow me."

You're hesitant, following a strange she-cat around an unfamiliar territory? That's absurd, you think to yourself.

"We are from the group of LilacClan, a strong, fierce group of well-thought cats, but we are short a couple of warriors...We could use some-cat like you,

young one." The tomcat spoke calmly, following the slender she-cat.

"You mean to say, you wish for me to join?" You tilted your head quietly, slowing.

The she-cat nodded, and you understood they were in dire need. She lead you to a large camp, bordered by thick thistle and branch walls.

Cats roamed inside everywhere, training, watching young kittens, living. The she-cat turns to you, but before she asks, you answer.

"I would like to join..."

"Welcome... to LilacClan."

Status: Open and Recruiting!
Species: Felis Catus
How Many Pack Members: 7 and counting.
Orientation: Neutral, leaning towards light
Territories: Belaya:

Sarepia and Coral Canyons

Rules Edit

  • Leader's word is law.
  • Power Playing- Using phrases or terms such as "nn" nm" and over-exaggeration against other players is strictly forbidden. If you are caught using these there will be a punishment assigned by a Deputy or Elite.
  • Vocabulary- Advanced vocab is allowed, but please keep it understandable for some players who may not be as advanced. Please do not use weapon roleplay such as: "uses sword". Felis Catus use their claws, teeth, and force to fight. Not anthropomorphic weapons.
  • Double-clanning- strictly prohibited, you may be exiled from the clan.
  • Exiting- leaving the clan, you're memorial or update will be put on the wiki asap, but we will need a reason for your leave, or a reasonable cause of death.
  • Violence Within the Clan- Harming your clan-mates purposefully, you will be severly punished chosen by the Leader or Deputy.
  • Mates/kits- graphic descriptions are strictly prohibited. You are allowed to have a mate at 13 months+, :)
  • Extended Absence- If you are going to be absent for more than 5 days please let one of the Leaders, Deputies, or Elites know.

Apparel/Garments Edit


  • Head- Fox hat, Flower, Flowercrown, nothing,
  • Neck- Firefly necklace, Spiked collar, Leaf necklace, nothing,
  • Back- Pirate sword, Worn blanket, Jamaaliday bow, nothing,
  • Paws- Spiked Wristband, Leaf Bracelets, elf bracelets, nothing,
  • Tail- Mummy tail, Feather tail, Elf tail, diamond shop tails, nothing,
  • Tag- I have no specific tag colors you have to use, but please don't use bright pinks or purples.
  • There can be exceptions for non-members or clan-members who don't own any of those garments.

Pelt Coloration-

Acceptable Pelt Colors (From Thisisnotarealclan Clan)

Eye Coloration-

Animaljam fc eye color palette by smallwarrior-d9yk9uq-2-

Animal Appearance Edit Edit

-Non Members and Members-

Rank Animal
Kit Bunny,
Apprentice Fox, Bunny, Arctic fox
Warrior Regular wolf, Fox
Elder Regular wolf, Arctic fox, fox

Punishments Edit

Minor- Edit

  • Supervision- an assigned cat to watch what you do for a designated amount of time
  • Elder Keeping- Watching the elders and serving them for what they ask.
  • Shoulder- small cut on shoulder from Deputy

Medium- Edit

  • Detainment- not permitted to leave the territory(den), supervision, and assigned times for actions.
  • Pen- retrieving the medic's herbs as requested by the medic, as well as being a tester for apprentice training

Major- Edit

  • Gash- onslaught by Leader, Deputy, or Elite
  • Containment- held "prisoner" by assigned cats.
  • Exile- onslaught and sent away from clan.
  • Opposing Exile- left in different clan's territory after medium onslaught
  • Tracked- Very unlikely, only for incredibly and crucially needed cats, hunted down and vanquished.

News Edit

  • Clan was Created! -7/3/17-
  • Hollowcreek became a Senior Warrior! -7/5/17-
  • We welcome Sagefeather as a warrior! -7/5/17-

Leaders {1/2} Edit

Alphas are the highest rank and in charge of the pack. They are to be treated with much respect.

Name Username Gender Mate Apprentice
Violetstar lpsfnaf9 N/A N/A

Deputies {0/2} Edit

Deputies are the second-in-commands of the clan. When the Leader(s) are absent, they are in charge. They help manage the clan and are to be treated with much respect.They are permitted to have apprentices, and organize patrols.

Name User Gender Mate Apprentice

Medic {0/1} Edit

The Medic is the healer of the clan. They are treated with as much respect as the Leaders.

They may take on two apprentices, but must go through a review/assessment of medicinal properties before labelled a Medic.

Rank Name User Gender Apprentice

Elite Warriors {0/3} Edit

The Elites are the leads in charge of training, hunting, and assisting the Deputies.

They are given respect and are highly sought out for the pack. They are permitted to have an apprentice, lead patrols, and are close companions of the Leader.

Name User Gender Mate Apprentice

Warriors {Unlimited} Edit

The Warriors are the fighters and hunters of the clan. They hunt and defend for the clan.

They are permitted to have an apprentice and go on patrols, and can also become a senior warrior, which is a higher ranking warrior position close to Elite.

Name User Gender Mate Apprentice
Hollowcreek Littleone1239 Tom N/A N/A
Sagefeather luckydog38 She-cat N/A N/A
Brindlepelt She-cat

Apprentices {Unlimited} Edit

The Apprentices are the 'trainees' of the clan preparing to become a warrior or a medic. They are to take direct orders from their Mentors.

They must be 6 months of age or older. When the Apprentices reach the age of 12 months, they will move on to their full rank.

Name User Gender Training For Mentor
Silverpaw eejm She-cat Warrior

Queens {Unlimited} Edit

The Queens are the mothers of the Pack. They are to be treated respectfully.

Queens take care of their own as well as assist other mothers with kits.

They are resigned from their original position until the kits are of at least 6 months of age.

Name User Mate Kits

Kits are the youngest and silliest in the pack.

They should not leave the Nursing Grounds without close supervision

by their father, Queen, or another grown cat.

Kits can become apprentices at 6 months old.

Name User Queen Siblings
Leafkit cuteybunny27779 ?? N/A

Want To Join? Edit

Please fill out a Message including these:

  • OC Name:
  • User:
  • Description:
  • RP example (hunt/battle, medical terms if wanting to be shaman):
  • Desired Rank:
  • Mate/Crush:
  • Kin:
  • Specialized in:(battle or hunting)
  • Age:

Wish to Form an Alliance? Edit

  • Clan Name:
  • Leader(s) Name and User:
  • Deputy(s) Name and User:
  • How many clan-members?
  • How would my clan benefit?
  • How would YOUR clan benefit?
  • If we were in a battle with a rival, would you be of any assistance?
  • How did you find us?
  • AJCW Link: (if you have one)

Latest activityEdit

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